Parenting as a single parent is a challenge. You are your child’s first teacher and most influential role model. Whether you are a teen parent or the parent of an adolescent, we hope to provide you with some useful information.

Resources for Teen Parents:

Here is a list of resources that we hope will help you face the challenges of parenting.

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Resource Center for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention provides practical tools and information to effectively reduce sexual risk-taking behaviors.

Teen Parents provides several fact sheets on the legal rights of teen parents including child custody, emancipation, and paternity.

Zero to Three provides information and resources on parenting children ages birth to three years.

Young Mommies is dedicated to supporting, informing and connecting young mothers.

Kids Health provides a guide to surviving the teen years along with general health information for kids and teens.

Being a single mother is a challenge. We all know that it’s not easy to take care of all the responsibilities single handedly. For many single mothers achieving dreams and goals becomes difficult. Here we have listed a few resources that we hope will make it easier for parents.

Goals for Single Parents

How to Help Your Child Set Goals

Single Moms Raising Boys