Infinite Possibilities, Inc. began officially as a North Carolina state Incorporated and tax exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code in 2009 as a vision of the Executive Director. However long before government documents were filed, unlimited possibilities of achievement were being instilled and taught to teen moms who were students of the Executive Director, Kanika Turrentine, through individual and collaborative approaches; recognition was being awarded to young girls who were defying the odds as teen parents and completing their education through personal awards. In 2008, the first unofficial event of the organization was held on May 10th Mothers’ Day weekend, a Stay Motivated Brunch, a day set aside to honor and encourage single mothers across North Carolina to maintain their strength and tenacity. Woman who attended learned the benefits of a Healthy You: Inside and Out! Attendees were privy to testimonials and presentations from a former single mother of two who recently married and is Sales Director of Mark Kay, the Director of Surgical Services from an area hospital who is a widowed mother of 2 and a motivational message entitled “Built to Last” by a renowned Motivational Speaker and Minister who is a divorced mother of 8. Participants received gifts which were donated by area businesses. Every year since 2008, gift bags with tasty treats, donated gifts and motivational literature have been handed out to single mothers in area churches on Mothers’ Day!

Infinite Possibilities, Inc. improves the lives of single women and their families through a collaborative approach that provides state of the art treatment and support services to those who have experienced rearing children alone. As a human service agency that seeks to prevent generational cycles of early childbearing and poverty by educating parents about positive child development and parenting, became INFINITE POSSIBILITIES, INC. Choosing to speak life into the situation of the single mother, the dedication of Infinite Possibilities lies in empowering single mothers to believe that no matter what the experience has been or is currently there are unlimited possibilities available to you.

We want you to know “It’s Going to Get Better.” Join us as we move forward.