Mission Statement
Our mission is to promote growth, responsibility and self-sufficiency among families headed by single mothers. Our professionals utilize a multidisciplinary measurable approach to provide prevention services, treatment for single mothers and families, and training by uniquely integrating community-based practice and academic excellence.

Vision Statement
At Infinite Possibilities, Inc. we believe that every family has a right to be loved, nurtured, supported and safe. As an agency of excellence we define the highest standards in the prevention and intervention of single motherhood. In this way stability and hope can be restored for single mothers and their families. We envision that single mothers will cope with the responsibilities and obligations of raising wholesome families and contribute to the economic and cultural growth of society.


INFINITE POSSIBILITIES, INC. will adhere to values and principles related to quality, clarity, transparency, accountability, and sustainability. Whether in service or training INFINITE POSSIBILITIES, INC. activities will be performed according to standards of excellence and quality designed to maximize potential outcomes. INFINITE POSSIBILITIES, INC. will conduct its activities with clarity and purpose toward raising standards of care for single mothers, and those at risk for homelessness and impoverishment. By adhering to its vision and mission and emphasizing a transparent approach to decision-making and planning, INFINITE POSSIBILITIES, INC. will engender an organizational culture typified by common dedication to and understanding of its various activities. At all levels, INFINITE POSSIBILITIES, INC. will emphasize organizational and individual accountability so that successes may be shared and disseminated and challenges address in a straightforward, constructive, and corrective manner. Through adherence to these values, INFINITE POSSIBILITIES, INC. should excel in its efforts to improve the lives of vulnerable women and children, through proven and promising direct practice models and enhancing the capacity of other providers and systems through training and research. The result should be a vibrant, stable, and future-oriented professional community dedicated to mitigating risk factors for and effects of poverty and homelessness. These values reflect the importance that we place upon the quality and retention of our workforce, where we strive to nurture professional development, personal satisfaction, and opportunity in the workplace.